Accelerate your design workflow in VR.

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Instantly view your designs in VR with no additional preparation needed.


Anybody can pick it up and get going, regardless of VR experience.


View designs as intended at 1:1 scale, allowing for more effective design reviews.


Over 10,000 users in more than 100 countries

Thousands of architects and designers around the world are already using SYMMETRY to incorporate VR into their design workflow.

Manage your design review workflow with SYMMETRY

Collectively manage the design review, revise, and validation process with an intuitive user interface in SYMMETRY.

Widely adopted across industries

In addition to architecture and design, we’ve seen a high adoption rate from professionals in civil engineering, real estate development, education and more.

Featured Case Studies

Creative Center,
Sony Corporation

“Up until recently we were just taking screenshots of the 3D models and putting them into PowerPoint presentations.”

Fumitaka Kikutani

Designer, Sony Creative Center

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“For designers with little experience, it is important to experience trial and error before [handling] a project on their own.”

Go Imamura

Managing director, DE-SIGN

Case Study >


“Understanding spatial composition when reviewing early designs is difficult with 2D floor plans alone.”

Project leader, Takenaka

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Save time and money

Minimize time spent on creative production for client presentations, and spend more time on design.

Communicate at 1:1 scale

Remove discrepancies in communication by allowing your clients to experience designs at 1:1.

An alternative to model houses and showrooms

Reduce costs considerably while utilizing 3D models to sell homes without the need for construction.


What file types does SYMMETRY support?

SYMMETRY currently supports SketchUp *.skp along with *.las and *.laz file types.

Are you planning to support other file types in the future?

Yes. We will announce support for other file types on our website when ready.

Do I need an internet connection to use SYMMETRY?

Yes. SYMMETRY VR and the SYMMETRY Plugin require an internet connection to validate user credentials and sync markup.

How does SYMMETRY differ from other VR software?

SYMMETRY is fast-loading, easy to pick up and use, and generally a more enjoyable experience according to our users.

What is SYMMETRY alpha and how is it different?

SYMMETRY alpha was released in 2017 as basic VR viewer and collaboration tool to gain insight from industry professionals about their needs and how to incorporate VR into their workflow. Everything we learned was then channeled into our commercial VR software, SYMMETRY.