Introducing the SYMMETRY VR Workflow

The SYMMETRY VR workflow solution tool is designed to integrate into
a designer’s workflow to accelerate the validation process with greater accuracy and sense of scale.

The SYMMETRY Design Workflow

Create a Project in SYMMETRY

Create a project for review within SYMMETRY, and assign team members to effectively share design feedback.

Review designs at 1:1 scale in VR

Import a SketchUp model into SYMMETRY and review at 1:1 scale. Teleport and other basic functionality allow for ease of movement in even the largest models. SYMMETRY supports real time daylight simulation within VR and includes support for SU Podium lights and materials. With online collaboration, multiple team members can remotely immerse into the same model.*

Incorporate redline markups from within VR

Add markups to an area that needs to be revised in a design from within VR. The range of markup tools includes freehand markup; basic shapes like lines, circles, and squares; and annotation with speech recognition for more detailed instruction.

Revise designs in SketchUp with improved clarity

All markups and annotation created in VR are displayed in SketchUp. After revision, models can be synced with SYMMETRY for immediate review.

Review design revisions in VR

Designs revised within SketchUp and synced with SYMMETRY can be reviewed immediately within VR, greatly accelerating the design-review process.

Approve designs in VR

All design revisions can be approved from within VR with ease. Approvals and all other status updates are immediately shared between team members.

*All team members need an active SYMMETRY account, a supported VR-capable PC, and a supported HMD (head-mounted display).