Deeply engaged with leaders in pursuit of societal advancement.

Great ideas are difficult to develop and articulate.

We identify the gaps in communication through our engagement with leaders across several industries.

SYMMETRY develops solutions to bridge those gaps and improve consensus formation.

Empowering people to envision ideas and improve communication.

Bringing SYMMETRY to ideas and reality.

For people and their audience.

Partnering with great institutions

"The greatest strength of VR is the ability to simulate a real experience and to ascertain a sense of scale onsite in an instant. With SYMMETRY, architects, local residents, and future residents can share a common vision of a finished project at the planning stages in civil engineering. Not only can risk-analysis be executed at the construction phase, but workflow can be shared in chronological order, as well as construction management, supervision, and inspection.

With the introduction of SYMMETRY into the construction sector, we will be able to accelerate the decision-making process and improve consensus formation."

- Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT, Japanese government)

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