Project leader, Takenaka


  • Reduce time and cost spent producing VR contents for design review
  • Anyone can use it, regardless of VR experience

With the ability to import 3D models directly into VR and bypass the need to produce VR-specific content we've reduced our time spent on production by 80% and overall costs by almost 100%. Furthermore, SYMMETRY is easy to pick up and use regardless of VR experience.

Please tell us how you are using SYMMETRY.

It is used to understand the spatial structure and to examine the appearance of openings that are difficult to see in a drawing or perspective. It is also used to examine alternative plans by toggling layers on and off.

Why did you choose SYMMETRY?

Because we don't have to spend time using game-rendering software to produce content for VR, we can import our 3D models directly, and it's easy to use.

Did the adoption of SYMMETRY affect your business in any way?

The time required to produce VR content has been reduced by 80%, and the cost of producing VR content has been reduced by almost 100% due to the direct import of 3D models for our designs.