Minimize communication loss between the designer, purchaser, and builder

Benefit to the owner and client

・Experience the design of your space in a realistic environment at 1:1 scale

・Review spaces from within the room, not on a flat drawing or floor plan

Benefit to the designer

・Receive clear feedback from the client from the initial design stages

・Allow clients to experience your designs at 1:1 scale without the need for costly physical models

・Reduce the time it takes to train young designers by allowing them to experience their designs at 1:1 scale prior to construction

Future additions the design review process

・Effectively simulate environmental effects such as sunshine and other weather conditions

・Instead of working from a floor plan, SYMMETRY allows designers to work backward from the experiences and values clients are looking for

・Integrating BIM data will allow designers minimize site matching and improve the estimation process

Planning and schematic design

Planning and schematic design


・Mass modeling

Initial design

Initial design

・Repeated, frequent design changes

Final design

Final design

・Final reviews

・Material and structure settings

・Selecting fittings and furniture

Featured Case Studies

Creative Center,
Sony Corporation

“Up until recently we were just taking screenshots of the 3D models and putting them into PowerPoint presentations.”

Fumitaka Kikutani

Designer, Sony Creative Center

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“For designers with little experience, it is important to experience trial and error before [handling] a project on their own.”

Go Imamura

Managing director, DE-SIGN

Case Study >


“Understanding spatial composition when reviewing early designs is difficult with 2D floor plans alone.”

Project leader, Takenaka

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