Utilize VR to minimize the communication loss between the designer, the contractor, and the purchaser.

The SYMMETRY communication workflow

Design / Construction planning

Meet in a virtual site

Experience the actual site as a point cloud model in VR, and meet with key stakeholders from anywhere in the world and at any time to communicate design intent. Markups can be effectively utilized to communicate design revision, even without the full team present.

Design / Construction planning

Overlay design proposals on the existing site

With support for dual import, civil engineering professionals can import a point cloud representation of the site along with a SketchUp model of the proposed design to communicate design intent to team members and clients. Doing so will allow everyone involved to see the design within its intended environment environment at scale.


Virtual inspections

Site inspections can be undertaken virtually at 1:1 scale within VR without the need to travel to the existing site. This will accelerate the design review workflow, particularly given the ability to overlay designs onto the existing site. Experience the proposed design on the existing site well before the construction phase.

Featured Case Studies

Creative Center,
Sony Corporation

“Up until recently we were just taking screenshots of the 3D models and putting them into PowerPoint presentations.”

Fumitaka Kikutani

Designer, Sony Creative Center

Case Study >


“For designers with little experience, it is important to experience trial and error before [handling] a project on their own.”

Go Imamura

Managing director, DE-SIGN

Case Study >


“Understanding spatial composition when reviewing early designs is difficult with 2D floor plans alone.”

Project leader, Takenaka

Case Study >