Improving design communications
in the AEC industry through VR.

Improving efficiency of communications
in the AEC industry through VR.



Intuitive and easy-to-use VR controllers*1 make it simple to use SYMMETRY, so you can skip instructions and immerse yourself right away.

*1 Compatible with standard HTC Vive controllers


SYMMETRY reads your CADs and converts them into VR at rapid speed so that you can immerse yourself in your CADs - in VR.

Without complicated instructions.
Without need to outsource the work.

High Quality Images

SYMMETRY accurately reproduces 3D CAD materials*2 and also offers effects like shadows and texturing.
High quality images will better immerse and inform viewers and clients to make selections quicker and easier.

*2 Currently compatible with SketchUp materials.

Basic features


Just install SYMMETRY, put on your VR HMD (headmount display),
select the .skp file you want to experience.
And that's it.

Your CAD file is now converted for immediate VR immersion.

Along with the .skp file, SketchUp Layers and materials are also converted into VR.
SYMMETRY also offers high quality material selection-options.

Viewer mode

Interchange between 2 modes. One, in Studio mode, as if you are observing a mock model inside a studio. And two, in Immerse mode to immerse yourself inside of the imported CAD.
Use "Room Scale VR" as featured in HTC Vive and you can walk about, squat, and freely view any part of the imported design.


Use Markup, Camera, voice memo tools.
Photos, voice memos, and dictated text files will be automatically stored in a dedicated folder on your PC. These can be forwarded to anyone,
regardless of whether they have a VR setup or not,
so that you can communicate ideas.

skp data credit : Kazuyuki Shigeto(SeaGate)

Let's begin.