Simple, fast, accurate
3D to VR

View in VR

Review designs in VR at 1:1 scale with your client, your team, or individually.


Import SketchUp files directly into VR as-is. No need to spend time adapting 3D models for viewing in VR.


Point and click to teleport. That's it.


SketchUp Layers are all carried over into VR upon import and can be toggled at will.


SketchUp Scenes are also imported along with the model into VR, including layer and shadow settings.

Point cloud import

Import and view a point cloud model as a .las or .laz file into VR at 1:1 scale.



Simulation in VR

Simulate your designs in various conditions and take measurements to better communicate design intent at 1:1 scale.


Simulate daylight settings from anywhere in the world and at any time.


Take measurements between two points in VR.


Take area measurements with multiple points in VR.


Use the Move tool to adjust the placement of SketchUp models when dual-importing with point cloud models.

Fly jet

Fly around your model!

Edge emphasis

Toggle edges in VR with a click.



Review in VR

Add markups and annotation to designs from within VR to clarify design direction.

Online collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues or walk your client through a design in VR, with support for multiple users entering and viewing the same model at once.


Invite collaborators to gather around your position in SYMMETRY VR with the click of a button. Very useful when working with multiple users in a large model.


View a list of users and teleport to their location in SYMMETRY VR.

Laser pointer

Use a laser pointer to point out areas of interest to other users in SYMMETRY VR. A small but highly requested feature.


Take screenshots in VR and view them on your local hard disk.


Add markups or annotation to a model to clarify design direction, with support for speech-to-text allowing users to voice their feedback in any language.




Save your projects in SYMMETRY Cloud or utilize existing services.


SYMMETRY Cloud allows users to create projects, invite team members, upload models and sync markups between SketchUp and SYMMETRY VR.

SYMMETRY Plugin for SketchUp

View markups created in VR within SketchUp using the SYMMETRY Plugin for SketchUp.

SU Podium

SU Podium users can utilize lights and materials from Podium Browser and see them in SYMMETRY VR.

Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect users can log into their account and import models within SYMMETRY VR.