Commencement of Trials with Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for “i-Construction” Project for 3D scans in VR

DVERSE Inc. has commenced trials with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the“i-Construction” project to import and to view point-cloud data* in VR using SYMMETRY alpha.
*Point-cloud data refers to a cloud of scanned data points in a three-dimensional coordinate system including measured distances among external surfaces of physical objects in that space.

【Details of trial】
The trial features a collaborative partnership between DVERSE Inc. and Yancya-na Doboku Network (YDN), an organization of engineers and contractors who tests and administers verfication of new technologies in the construction industry. In addition to 3D CADs, SYMMETRY alpha can import point-cloud data taken by drones (including measurements of geographical terrain, 3D coordinates of building structures, RGB color data) and convert the data into VR at 1:1 scale.



This trial is will enable engineers to transport themselves into actual-size models at any stage of the construction and conduct actual-scale measurements in them.

Mirroring these environments in VR in 1:1 actual-size will enable users to remotely confirm conditions without the need to physically relocate to survey locations. In future releases, rescue teams will be able to remotely evaluate emergency disaster areas in real time, while gathering precise measurement calculations and other important fact-collecting data.

【Comments from Mr.Yasushi NITTA , MLIT
Policy Bureau Policy Planning and Coordination Division for Public Works Projects】
The greatest strength of VR is the ability to simulate a real experience and to ascertain a sense of scale onsite in an instant. Architects, local residents, and future residents can share a common vision of a finished project at the planning stages in civil engineering. Not only can risk-analysis be executed at the construction phase, but workflow can be shared in chronological order, as well as construction management, supervision, and inspection.

With the introduction of VR into the construction sector, we will be able to accelerate and improve consensus formation and the decision-making process; in turn, we will be able to improve efficiency in production.


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